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【Visit Japanese Shrine】How to pray at the Shrine in Japan?


There has heaps of rules,so I only picked up some rules that are easy and important things.
If you still never been to shrine yet or even if you went before,Let’s knowing about how to visit Japanese Shrine and enjoy to visit Shrine!

【Visit Japanese Temple】How to pray at the Temple in Japan?


How to visit Japanese Temples?
1.Go through the 山門(SANMON)2.Washing your hands in 手水舎(TEMIZUYA)3.Give お賽銭(OSAISEN)in 本堂(HONDOU)4.Pray in front of 本堂(HONDOU)5.Bow at 山門(SANMON)

【Japanese Yakisoba】What is Yakisoba? also easy recipe!


What is Yakisoba? introduce about Yakisoba and also can read easy recipe! You can try to make and eat Yakisoba after read this article!