Difference between Sushi in Japan and Foreign country


() What do you think when you hear Japanes food? I think that there are some people who think of Ramen, Okonomiyaki Sukiyaki, and Takyaki, etc. I think that most people answer “Osushi”. However, “Osushi” in foreign country is a little different from Japan. Which is better is the preference of the individual like. It is good to be different. “Osushi” has already become the world food like Judo has become the world sports. Let’s see what is the difference. We can eat Osushi in the world. “Osushi” () has now become a food that can go anywhere in the …

【Japanese Yakisoba】What is Yakisoba? also easy recipe!


What is Yakisoba? introduce about Yakisoba and also can read easy recipe! You can try to make and eat Yakisoba after read this article!