120 days of vacation per year; Japanese national holidays and consecutive holidays


ou might think that Japanese people are workaholics and hesitant to take vacations. However, this is not the case. Contrary to expectations, on average, Japanese people take 120 days of vacation per year. Let’s learn about Japanese holidays.

【Visit Japanese Shrine】How to pray at the Shrine in Japan?


There has heaps of rules,so I only picked up some rules that are easy and important things.
If you still never been to shrine yet or even if you went before,Let’s knowing about how to visit Japanese Shrine and enjoy to visit Shrine!

Manekineko【beckoning cat】


Have you ever heard of an ornament called a “beckoning cat”? In English, “Neko” means “cat” and “Maneku” means “beckon. There are many stories about the beginnings of beckoning cats, but it is said that they began to be made in the Edo period. Nowadays in Japan, you can see beckoning cats in food and souvenir stores. What is the meaning of a beckoning cat? Meaning of hand raising It is said that the hand held up by a beckoning cat has the following meaning. It is also said that the higher the height of the hand, the farther away …

Star Festival – Tanabata on July 7 – Japanese Festivals


Tanabata – Star Festival on July 7 In Japan, there is a star festival called “Tanabata” on July 7. Tanabata is one of the most popular summer events in Japan. The Origin of Tanabata There are many theories about the origin of Tanabata. One theory says that it originated from a Chinese festival. It is said that it was created by mixing Chinese legend with traditional Japanese events. There are also similar star festivals in Korea and Vietnam. The Legend of Tanabata There is a romantic legend about Tanabata. Once there was a couple, young weaver named Orihime and a …

3 Best TV Dramas for Learning Japan Today – Romantic dramas-


There are a lot of TV dramas every year in Japan.
Here are my recommendations that you can learn Japanese language and Japan today.
Take a look at best romantic dramas in this article.

Do you have a swimming pool in your school?


Is there in your schools of your country swimming pools? In fact, there are their swimming pool in most of schools of Japan . From June to September, most of the classes are held swimming lesson. In Japan, it is normal to swim in the summer, but in fact, there are not many schools in the world that teach swimming in school classes. Swimming lesson started from Edo era. It seems to have started in the Edo era, when there were still Samurai. Japan is surrounded by the sea, and there are many rivers and streams to swim in. It …

What is your blood type?


Do you know your blood type?There are four types of blood types in a person.In Japan, it is called in four types: O type, A type, B type, and AB type, but this is not the common when it is managed in the same way in the world.If you are a foreigner studying Japanese, I would like to talk about the blood type and life style in Japan. There are many people who do not know their blood type outside of Japan. In Japan, most people know their blood type. It is also described in the book of the personal …

【Visit Japanese Temple】How to pray at the Temple in Japan?


How to visit Japanese Temples?
1.Go through the 山門(SANMON)2.Washing your hands in 手水舎(TEMIZUYA)3.Give お賽銭(OSAISEN)in 本堂(HONDOU)4.Pray in front of 本堂(HONDOU)5.Bow at 山門(SANMON)

Difference between Sushi in Japan and Foreign country


() What do you think when you hear Japanes food? I think that there are some people who think of Ramen, Okonomiyaki Sukiyaki, and Takyaki, etc. I think that most people answer “Osushi”. However, “Osushi” in foreign country is a little different from Japan. Which is better is the preference of the individual like. It is good to be different. “Osushi” has already become the world food like Judo has become the world sports. Let’s see what is the difference. We can eat Osushi in the world. “Osushi” () has now become a food that can go anywhere in the …

The most popular baby names and kanjis in Japan 2020


Find out the most popular baby names in Japan 2020.