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About Me


I am SARINA! I am teaching japanese using online!

I have been to NewZealand, Australia, Malaysia, Philippines,Thailand, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore,Brunei, UK,Hawaii!

Please share me your favorite place or your amazing journey if you have!!!


I have been worked in some countries!

Job types are like Receptionist, Agriculture, Restaurant,Factory, Massage shop , McDonald’s,SevenEleven etc,,,,,

And also I was a Ninja in Kyoto! , so I can throw Shuriken! haha

Now I am teaching Japanese for Vietnamese, Korean, American etc,,,,

Let’s study together if you are….

  • the person who want to enjoy the conversation and enjoy to study Japanese
  • the person who want to study daily conversation
  • the person who want to write beautiful Kanji
  • the person who want to talk a lot in Japanese
  • the person who want to study grammar


We will use Skype for our lesson!

I will share the screen (Power Point) for our class and I also give you some PDF if we need, so you do not need to prepare anything for taking my class!

  • Minna no Nihongo
  • Daily liistening and speaking
  • Japanese for Travel
  • Conjugation rules
  • Can write beautiful Kanji
  • Free Talk

In Free Talk lesson, we can talk whatever you want.
However, if you have no idea what to talk, we will use roulet to decide the topic to talk about or we will watch some video together and talk about it!

If you got some mistakes, I will correct★

Let’s enjoying to study together♪

I am looking forward to meet you soon!


Trial lesson 【60mins 1,000yen】Only first time

It is trial lesson (*^-^*)

  • Free talking 60mis
  • Minna no Nihongo course (recommend for zero level)  60mins
  • Daily listening and speaking course (You can chose the level beginner or intermediate  60mins

Please let me know which course would you like to try!

Looking forward to see you soon 🙂

Minna no Nihongo【60mins】

        1 Lesson 【2,200yen】
        4 Lessons set【8,500yen】    
        8 Lessons set【16,000yen】

This is the class following the Txt book called [Minna No Nihongo].

If you really do not have any knowledge about Japanese, I recommend you to start from this course.
You can have a Trial lesson for first time!

If you wish to study some specific section, we can do that section if you tell me!

8 Lessons are including Homework.

     This course Recommend for these person

  • who is studying Japanese using [Minna no Nihongo]
  • who want to try to use [Minna no Nihongo]
  • who do not have any knowledge about Japanese

Looking forward to see you♪

Daily listening and speaking【60mins】

          1 Lesson 【2,200yen】
          5 Lessons set【10,000yen】
          15 Lessons set【28,000yen】

This is for Daily listening and speaking.

There has a course for beginner and also more than intermediate.

This course is not so easy, so if you wish to try come to Trial class please!

    This course Recommend for these person

  • who will study Japanese as a first time
  • who want to study daily conversation
  • who want improve listening skills

Japanese for Travel【60mins】

      1 Lesson 【2,000yen】
      3 Lessons set 【5,500yen】

This is for Traveling Japan.

We have 3 lessons in total.
But also you can just choose the lesson which you want!

Lesson 1 : How to Greeting in Japan / How to counting money in Japan and some questions time

Lesson 2 : About basic rules in Japan and some questions time

Lesson 3 : About traffic rules in Japan / some transportations  and some questions time

I will give you PDF after each class!

     This lessons are recommend for these person

  • who is studying Japanese as a first time
  • who likes or interesting about Japan
  • who is coming to Japan

conjugation rules【30mins 1,000yen】

We can check conjugation rules.

You can choose one ↓

  • 動詞のグループ分け
  • て形
  • た形
  • ない形
  • 辞書形
  • 形容詞の過去形
  • 形容詞の否定形
  • 形容詞のて形

Can write beautiful Kanji 【30mins 1,000yen】

Choose up to 3 Kanji which you wish to write beautiful such as your name or your favorite Kanji.

Please try to write that Kanji in the paper and send me picture!

I will tell you how can be better and can write beautiful shape of Kanji!

I hold a 4th Dan in Calligraphy, so you will be able to write beautiful Kanji with me 🙂

Free talking  【60mins or 30mins】

1 Lesson/60mins 【2,000yen】
10 Lessons set 【15,000yen】

1 Lesson/30mins 【1,000yen】
10 Lessons set 【8,000yen】

Just a free talking!

If we do not have anything to talk, we will choose the topics and talk!

Just talk talk talk! and of course I will correct some mistake!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask anything while free talking class 🙂

Looking forward to see you all♪