Molly モリー




Living in Osaka

・Foreign languages: English, Chinese
・Animal lover: cats and snails

About Me

こんにちは Hello 大家好 안녕하세요 Hola Bonjour Halo xin chào สวัสดี ♡♡ I’m a qualified Japanese teacher. I was born and raised in Kobe and currently live in Osaka, Japan. I’ve been teaching Japanese online for two years. After graduating from university, I worked as an engineer at an IT company for about 5 years and then devoted myself to raising my two children. About ten years ago, I’ve started my career as an language teacher at a major language school because I love learning foreign languages. I have worked as an English teacher, a Japanese teacher, and an editor of English language materials. I have a lot of experience teaching both online and offline. I also have a lot of experience working with Japanese and non-Japanese people in the workplace. My motto is “Slow and steady wins the race.” Learning foreign languages is a long journey. I hope I can be of help to you. Let’s have fun!


Work Experience

Since 2020
Teaching Japanese online

2012 – 2021
Teaching English offline at a major language school

Working for an IT company


The course in Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language (420 hour course)

The Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test