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120 days of vacation per year; Japanese national holidays and consecutive holidays


ou might think that Japanese people are workaholics and hesitant to take vacations. However, this is not the case. Contrary to expectations, on average, Japanese people take 120 days of vacation per year. Let’s learn about Japanese holidays.

Japanese honorifics – san, sama, chan, kun and zero honorific- What’s the difference?


n Japanese, when you call someone, several honorifics are used, depending on the person’s age, gender, social role and status. In most cases, the honorific is determined by the relationship between the caller and the listener.

Star Festival – Tanabata on July 7 – Japanese Festivals


Tanabata – Star Festival on July 7 In Japan, there is a star festival called “Tanabata” on July 7. Tanabata is one of the most popular summer events in Japan. The Origin of Tanabata There are many theories about the origin of Tanabata. One theory says that it originated from a Chinese festival. It is said that it was created by mixing Chinese legend with traditional Japanese events. There are also similar star festivals in Korea and Vietnam. The Legend of Tanabata There is a romantic legend about Tanabata. Once there was a couple, young weaver named Orihime and a …

3 Best TV Dramas for Learning Japan Today – Romantic dramas-


There are a lot of TV dramas every year in Japan.
Here are my recommendations that you can learn Japanese language and Japan today.
Take a look at best romantic dramas in this article.


5 Ways to Say You Like Something in Japanese


Would you like to say you like something in Japanese?
These are five ways to talk about your likes.

Interesting Facts about Small Kana – Japanese writing


Have you noticed that there are tiny kana in Japanese writing such as ゃ, っ, or ィ?
These guys look adorable but they play a big role in Japanese writing.
Let me introduce how these small kana are working with full-size kana in writing.

10 Most Common Japanese Hiragana


You might wonder which character you should learn first. Let me introduce 10 hiragana you should definitely learn first to facilitate your Japanese learning.

All Hiragana and Katakana You Need to Know – a perfect guide for Japanese alphabet


You need to learn hiragana/katakana when starting Japanese language.
Here are tables for 71 hiragana/ katakana you need to know.

Japanese writing system

A Quick Guide to Japanese Alphabet – Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji


One of the unique feature of Japanese language is its writing system. There are three types of script in Japanese: hiragana, katakana, and kanji or Chinese characters. These three types of script are mixed to use in words and sentences. You might wonder why Japanese people are using such a complex writing system. To answer these questions, let me tell you about overview of Japanese hiragana, katakana and kanji. Why are there three types of script in Japanese? Japan has a long history, so does Japanese writing system. First, there were only kanji in Japanese writing. Kanji were imported into …

The most popular baby names and kanjis in Japan 2020


Find out the most popular baby names in Japan 2020.