Difference between Sushi in Japan and Foreign country


What do you think when you hear Japanes food? I think that there are some people who think of Ramen, Okonomiyaki Sukiyaki, and Takyaki, etc. I think that most people answer “Osushi”.

However, “Osushi” in foreign country is a little different from Japan. Which is better is the preference of the individual like. It is good to be different. “Osushi” has already become the world food like Judo has become the world sports.

Let’s see what is the difference.

We can eat Osushi in the world.

“Osushi” () has now become a food that can go anywhere in the world and eat what you have eaten in Russia, the restaurants are spreading rapidly. According to a newspaper, in St. Petersburg Russia, 800 Italian restaurants are 800, “Osushi” is centered has almost the same number of restaurants as the 700.

On the terrace, I have heard that eating “Osushi” with a chopsticks is very healthy, COOL. “Osushi” (is) () already a big world food eaten in Japan.

2 types of Osushi: Nigiri and Makimono

The first is called “2010”, and the bottom is a type with rice on top. In Japan, you can eat more here.

The second type is called “makimono”, which is a type of eating rice and fish wrapped. In Japan, makimono wrapped with ‘nori’ seaweed, but in foreign countries, cheese and abogado are added, and finally salmon and tobikko are rolled. In foreign countries, we often eat this “makimono”.

Osushi Sheff

Osushi Sheff can be trained for many years and provided to customers. How to grip rice seems easy, but very difficult.

In foreign countries, “Osushi” is offered in shops without long training as in Japan. Since it is easier to make “nigiri”, it may be that you can eat a lot of “makimono” in foreign countries.

People from abroad often ask me.


Do Japanese eat “Osushi” every day? 」

Do you cook “Osushi” for yourself?

The answer is no to both. Raw fish is expensive to buy in Japan, so you can’t eat it every day. In addition, you cannot cook it for yourself because high technology is required. The days when you can eat your Osushi are often anniversaries, paydays, or special days.

They cannot eat Osushi in own country after eating real Osushi in Japan.

Many people who travel to Japan or go to work eat their home “Osushi” in Japan. The reasons why Japanese “Osushi” is delicious are as follows.


  • Because the sea is close, you can eat fresh fish in season.
  • It is delicious because it is made by craftsmen who have trained for a long time.
  • The person who is eating knows the goodness of “Esso”, so the shop that is not delicious will collapse immediately.

I have heard that once you eat Japanese “Osushi” in Japan, you can no longer eat “Osushi” in a foreign country. But don’t worry. The “Osushi” of “sowing things” eaten in foreign countries is also a “Osushi” of the country that is good in that country. I’m sure it will become a taste that is right for the country, and it will become more and more delicious.

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